Tuesday, November 18, 2014


On October 2nd, 2014, I was notified that my position at work would no longer be available.  This is my first layoff and although I've spent a lot of time stressing over the possibility of a layoff in the past, I'm actually pretty good with this.  That day, I came home and began refreshing  my resume, but eventually Shannon and I started talking about other things we like to do with our lives, many of the same things that have come up numerous times over our eight years of marriage.  Most grand schemes are never very practical, with a traditional job and a growing family, but this day everything seemed much more in reach.  High on the list was transforming our house into a self sufficient homestead, and even producing enough to sell enough to pay some bills.  I'm not sure exactly when this idea became a bona fide decision; I suppose its when our homestead planning started taking a higher daily priority than the search for a "real job".  Our plans include a greenhouse (or two), a storage building, bee hives, an orchard, lots of garden, and a home school academy.  How prepared are we?  Not at all of course!  We will be learning a lot along the way, and documenting as much as we can so that maybe others can learn from our mistakes, and maybe even follow our example when things do go right.

Please note that we are not farmers.  We are not doctors, lawyers, or professors.  We are a man, a woman, and two young boys shooting from the hip, trying to do the best we can.  We will let you know what does and doesn't work for us. Something that works for us may not work at your house, and something that works at yours might be a flop at ours.  The best we can do is ask God for help, read up, and give it our best shot.  

Thanks for being a part of our journey!

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