Thursday, November 20, 2014

Progress on storage building and greenhouse (Homestead Essentials)

I have a rock solid wood floor for the storage building that eagerly awaits its walls roof and door.  We hoped to have this completed by now, the timing just hasn't worked out. Our greenhouse changed from 12 foot long to 16 foot long.  We were planning on using 12' clear panels, but got a great deal on 2' x 4' lexan panels, so we figured we go ought to go a little bigger.  Now that we can see the size from the inside, its "clear" that it was a good decision.  I'm sure once we move in a few plants and start a few more, we will wish that we could have gone even bigger.  We have to start somewhere though, right?  I still need to complete the end walls, build a door, add some trim. Once its all closed in I'll figure out a heating plan and ventilation plan and build some shelving.  The plans for my greenhouse are courtesy of Ana White and can be found on her site here:  Thanks!

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