Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let the Homestead Construction begin...

G is not impressed
N on board stacking duty
Our wood was delivered yesterday.  This should cover the floor of the 12' x 20' storage building and complete framing for a 10' x 12' greenhouse.  Just after we got it stacked in the yard, Shannon gave me a few more minor items we need wood for: fence, porch, garage, swing set, and grapevine trellis.  I'll get right on that.  Started building, but it was slow going.  Setbacks included: couldn't decide where to actually build it; the sun set and it got dark and cold, just as scheduled.  Most of the metal framing was prepared last week, so once the floor is good to go, I expect the rest to go up pretty quickly.  In other news, we ordered our fruit trees a few days ago.  Four apple varieties and two pear so far.   We would like to have about 30 trees in front yard orchard when its all said and done.  This will be my first experience with bare root trees.  I understand they will look pretty sad when they arrive, essentially a big stick, ready for planting.  We shall see.

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